Today is a beautiful day in Southern California. It’s 90 degrees, there is a light breeze, and my son is back in school. (Thank You, JESUS!) I got my work done early and was feeling inspired to write.  So, I went to my favorite place, the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. The Mission Inn is a landmark rich in history with beautiful architecture. The flowers this time of year are in bloom and the grounds are breathtaking.

My first stop is always the spa and my favorite place inside is the back lounge. There is a faux fireplace with an antique-looking mantel that always has sweet treats. Above it are two shell-shaped sconces that split a watercolor painting of a spring running through a forest. The only other light is a crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. The spa reminds me of something I think you would see in Venice, Italy (but I’ve never been so I don’t really know) with marble floors and wall to wall antique-looking flower-laden rugs. The receptionist offers each guest a drink menu which includes champagne and a dark chocolate truffle. This spa is where you go when you want to be treated like a queen.

My second stop during the warmer months is the pool. The water is usually 83 degrees and the foliage smells like eucalyptus. It’s truly my happy place. Today however was a little bit different. I must have looked particularly friendly because I was approached by two seemingly harmless ladies. You can always tell when someone is itching to talk to you because they get closer and closer to you even though you have not moved a muscle.

One of the women was in her sixties she was in great shape, her skin had a deep slightly orangish tint, and her hair looked freshly permed (her curls were pulled up in a red scrunchie so that it wouldn’t get wet). We smiled and she asked me how I liked the weather.

I should have run right then.

The second women had a mocha complexion, was in her forties and was wearing a black low cut 1-piece swimsuit. Her hair was in pigtails and she had crazy written all over her. And still, I let them suck me into their vortex.

As soon as Red Scrunchie opened up the conversation, Pigtails got all up in my personal space and started asking me fifty questions.

“Hi, what’s your name? Are you here for a conference? Where do you live? What do you do? Do you like my pigtails?”

I really should have swum away.

I proceeded to tell them my name, that I was visiting for rest and relaxation and that I was a writer/speaker. I told them that I was gearing up for my second book…Pigtails let me have it.

“I hate when people call themselves writers when they’ve only written one book. They don’t have a clue on how to REALLY write. My friend wrote a book in college that came close to being a bestseller she had a ton of support. She had a writing coach, people offered to help her edit, and she had an unlimited budget. But when she tried to write the second one on her own, it was terrible. Just because you publish a book doesn’t mean you’re a writer. That is why I’m waiting to write my book. I want to make sure my book is GOOD. If you think you are going to make a living at being an author, then you are crazy. Writer’s don’t make any money!”

Finally, this was my cue. I politely told Pigtails that she was absolutely right. And I actually meant it. She was right, in most instances, people write the story that they have been itching to get out for years. Most often, your first book is more about you than your audience. It helps you heal or tell that story that you always wanted to tell. But what most of us fail to do is research what will sell in the marketplace because the first book most often is not about the money. It’s about the experience, it’s about the message and it’s about the healing. If you’re waiting to write the perfect book, then I’m sorry to tell you that you will never write it and you will be part of the 95 percentile of people that start a book that they never end up finishing.

That shut her up.

Pigtails had the nerve to look at me like I was crazy. She rolled her eyes and swam away. Red Scrunchie and I made eye contact, smiled, and bid each other adieu.

The thing with negative people is that they can only bring you down if you let them. But when you take their power away, they swim off to find someone else to depress.

Life is short, don’t let negative people suck your joy away.

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2 thoughts on “Negative people SUCK!”

  1. Thanks for making my day with your article. I love your description of the Mission Inn. It has been a special place to me since high school in the early 60s attending our proms and returning for 50 some years for reunions and get-togethers with my high school bestie. Can’t wait to share your article and contact with her. I have written a book about my life in my head for as long as I can remember and now I know why. I would much rather read yours than write mine. You kept your cool with your negative women encounter and taught me a lesson on how to make jealous boring people go away while smiling and turning them into a great story. I don’t remember where I got your contact but I am so happy I did. Looking forward to reading more. Your new fan, Kathy Corcoran

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for your comment it encourages me to know that writing it brought a little sunshine to your day. Have a great day 🙂

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