it's never too late...

You can rewrite your story and break the chains of thought that have held you back.

it's never too late...

You can rewrite your story and break the chains of thought that have held you back.


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My purpose is to help women live empowered, enriched and joy filled lives by taking the struggles that have weighed us down and turning them into GEMs of wisdom and enlightenment.

My mission is to travel the world speaking joy and possibility into the lives of women. To write books that give a road map to personal happiness and family togetherness. To provide tools that will uncover "self love", support self-acceptance and teach how to build generational wealth.

I exist to help uncover the treasure in us all. I represent hope and the personal empowerment that we can make tomorrow a better day. I teach that it's never too late to rewrite your story and to break the chains of thought that have held us back. I am in the business of helping people so that they are better to themselves, their loved ones and the world. My goal is to make the world a better place one GEM at a time through my speaking events, books and workshops.


"Wow. Kara has written a beautiful piece of work. I am in awe of her power of description and her ability to evoke emotion. I bow down to her strength, her courage, her character, and the representation of the Divine Feminine that she is. I have been called tenacious, but I could never hold a candle to her tenacity. Brava, my friend!"

Donna Mosher

President of Segue Communications

"Hidden Treasure is an inspirational book that touches upon a life filled with painful let downs, disappointments, perseverance, bravery, joy, love, beauty and extraordinary life experiences.
It helps put your own life into perspective and teaches that we should not be afraid to speak our truth and live a purpose driven life full of passion and love. We are all gems that sparkle and we were always meant to shine bright."

Karla Sais

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