Feb 14 2020

What do you do when you see a love you’ve lost?

A little over a year ago I lost my job, it was a great job, and I worked with people that I mostly liked. I ...
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Sep 4 2019

Negative people SUCK!

Today is a beautiful day in Southern California. It’s 90 degrees, there is a light breeze, and my son is back in school. (Thank You, ...
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Jul 24 2019

In The End It’s All Worth It

It’s Sunday, and my husband and I were up until 4 am “discussing” our marriage and the things that it seems to be lacking.  Troy’s ...
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Jan 23 2019

3 Ways To Treasure Life’s Moments

Over the last two years, my life has changed so much that I almost don't even recognize it. Just three months ago I was the ...
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Oct 19 2018

5 Travel Hacks for Families

I love the thought of traveling but I must admit in this day and age it is a little scary to travel outside of the ...
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Sep 1 2018

Are You Living an Empowered or Imprisoned Life?

Are you living an empowered or imprisoned life? The questions below are designed to make you think about your life. As a result, they will ...
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