Are you living an empowered or imprisoned life? The questions below are designed to make you think about your life. As a result, they will leave you asking yourself,

“Am I making decisions that move me closer to living in my purpose? Is my life really mine or has my time, my hopes and my dreams been imprisoned by someone or something else? “

You will evaluate what is truly important, and you will begin to take steps to live your best, most glorious, empowered and magnificent life.  Because of this blog I asked myself the questions below and was surprised by some of my own answers.

Are You Empowered or Imprisoned? Take the next few minutes to answer the five questions below.

1. Does your job, house or car define who you are? Would you lose your identity without these things?

2. Does the thought of taking a day off on a Tuesday and going to the spa, movies or just doing nothing at home seem inconceivable? But at the same time makes you a bit sad because you should be able to take a day off without it seeming inconceivable? Is your first thought “how could I possibly take time off when I have so much to do?” Do you have so many people who depend on you doing SOMETHING that no one else but you could possibly do? Do you brush off the thought of taking a day off for yourself because…

“What’s the point, I’d just spend the entire time feeling guilty, thinking about work or cleaning the house.”

3. Does your scale in the bathroom dictate your mood and how you feel about yourself? When you step on the scale (after depriving yourself from anything that tastes good and working out like you are getting ready for the Olympics) tell you if you have been good or bad? Does your weight leave you depressed and feeling like a failure because you find yourself losing the same 10 pounds over and over again? Do you find yourself saying…

“I have no self-discipline? What’s the point in watching what I eat when the second I eat something I like I gain 5 pounds… which took me two weeks to take off!!!”

4. Do you take care of yourself after you take care of everyone else?  Do you make caring for yourself and showing yourself love your last priority?

5. If you were to die tomorrow would you have regrets? Would you regret not working hard enough, not climbing the ladder high enough and not being available enough? Or, would you regret not getting to know your kids more, not kissing your partner more and not doing more of the things that are on your bucket list?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of the empowered or imprisoned questions above, then the empowerment you seek might feel more like a prison of self-doubt and anxiety. I asked myself these very same questions, and I wondered why it was so hard for me to switch how I thought. Especially when my old way of thinking wasn’t serving my best interest. I knew better…didn’t I?

Had society imprisoned me with its rules and predetermined notions of what it thought was right for me? Had the universe decided what I should be when I grow up? Or has it been me who has held myself back with my fear of being spotted and standing out? Had I held myself back because it was easier to come in second? You don’t have the same pressure to perform when you come in last. No one is watching you, no one is waiting for you to fail. WAIT… No one has to hold you down when your own internal thoughts are doing it.

If that is, in fact, the case, then your mind is the prison guard, and your heart is the one who holds the key to its release. If you’re the one holding yourself down and you’re the one keeping yourself from living in your purpose, then you have the power to change. We know happiness doesn’t come from the things we own or the car we drive. It comes from living in your purpose and living a life that pushes you to your fullest potential.

Finally, my goal for you in writing this blog is that it should do three things. It should make you think. The blog will make you see that you have the power to change your priorities. It can show you that you control your thoughts. You can stop measuring yourself up to everyone else’s standards anytime you want to. Make today the first day you choose to be happy and to life live by your own design.

Today’s Hidden Treasure Moment is that we control our thoughts and how we perceive and react to a situation. If you want more… know that you can have more… and take the steps to get more.

I hope that by reading my blog you found another reason to love yourself and others. If you would like more, you can purchase my book for a special discounted price at As an added bonus I have included a link to my FREE happiness survey

Please leave your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

Until we meet again…


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