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In the book Hidden Treasure: Kara Adams teaches us that we are more than just our past life experiences, no matter how harsh they may have been. She leads us through a harrowing and deeply inspiring walk through her own past including infidelity, infertility, family trauma, and her life-threatening illness to show us that despite any circumstance, we can rise to live a passion and purpose-driven life. Part memoir and part personal development book, Hidden Treasure is beautifully written. Kara engages the reader with her contemporary, colloquial, and chatty voice. As she tells things from her own point of view, she keeps an otherwise deeply serious series of life circumstances fast-paced, authentic, and laced with wit. The dialogue is delightful. As the story unfolds, the reader discovers that, with the help of family, friends, and committed healthcare professionals, the author literally pulls her life from the brink of death. Many books talk about the value of self-care and how to do it. But none are backed by such a strong and compelling true story told in first-person-of what can happen when one neglects her health and herself. In today’s over-committed, “I’m-too-busy” world, no book can be more important.


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